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 Important events and dates coming up before our Spring semester begins.

 The Flower Show or a day away to explore Philly ……Our trip to Philadelphia will be Wednesday, March 4, which coincides with Philadelphia Flower Show.  Anyone going on the trip will have the day to do as they  wish, whether it be the Flower Show, museums, dining, shopping, plays.  Bus holds 26, so reservations should be made early.  Price of bus is $35.  All other events that travelers wish to attend will be  arranged and paid for by each traveler. More info to follow.  Questions?  Call 570-254-9520
Trip to New York will be April 18, leaving Viewmont at 8 A.M., leaving New York for return trip at 7.
Anyone going on the trip may  spend the day enjoying the sights and sounds of New York, choosing your own itinerary. Price of bus will be $25 per person. 


The Abington Area Community Classroom’s (AACC) mission is to provide the community with enrichment and recreation through a broad array of learning opportunities.  Utilizing local resources, we aspire to nurture individual talents, develop personal skills, foster multidimensional thinking, encourage lifelong learning, and build a stronger sense of community.

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